LOOK! I’m a blogger…kinda

Alright, maybe not…but I want to be.  That counts, right?  I don’t want to be the one that makes a profession out of it, but I do want to be the one that people are anxious to read about…the one that people are interested in and wonder who the woman behind the words just might be.  There’s something pretty freeing about being anonymous.  I can write whatever I want and even the people closest to me will (hopefully) never guess it’s me.  BUT – how do I get this blog out there?  How do I pull people in to start reading?  It’s not like I can buy a billboard…or post on Facebook (same thing) because that would most certainly give it away.

I love to write, I love to read what others write…I want to be as interesting to others as I find myself.

I have so many things in my head…religion, family, kids, photography, work, relationships, friends, and cute little fuzzy things that can’t help but be shared…and so much more!

So, welcome…to my one reader (I’m hoping there’s at least one).  Please stick with me…I promise, a bug’s eye view is different from any other views.

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